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After serving a five year Engineering apprenticeship I joined the MetPolice Service for thirty years.


Jo, my long-suffering wife, spent many hours listening in on police radio channels, tv and local radio reports every time a major event in London happened and eventually insisted my very eventful career at the front end of policing should end. So, I joined Hendon Police College firstly as a recruit trainer, then onto designing computer-based training. 


I joined The Palace of Westminster (Parliament) as the Managing Training Officer for both police and civil staff for five years and before retirement I was invited to join The Training Design Unit at Hendon, going on to redesign senior management learning experiences for both the London MetPol and Nationally. 


I had been painting and drawing since I was a child, and after retirement Jo became my agent and under her guidance and sheer audacity I became quite a successful artist in the north of England. 


When Jo passed away I put my brushes away, unable to find a reason for painting.


However, I discovered Photography. 


The immediacy of the camera, seeing, recognising and anticipating a picture in all it's intimacy, is so very exciting and fulfilling.

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